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i-tree ealing


Working alongside Arup's AT&R, digital environmental consulting and landscape teams, and also partnering with experts from Trees for Cities, the London Borough of Ealing, Treeconomics, Forestry Commission, Forest Research and the Greater London Authority, I was asked to design and deliver London’s first borough level i-Tree Eco project as part of an Invest in Arup project.


This 50 page printed report and microsite provides a comprehensive assessment of the function and value of Ealing’s trees. It sets a baseline to inform future management and helps to quantify and value some of the environmental benefits provided by urban trees, including carbon storage, carbon sequestration, stormwater reduction and pollution removal.


I developed an overarching look and feel for the project. As the project had multiple organisations as stakeholders and no core brand guidelines to work within, this allowed some freedom to my final approach to the design concept. This included electing fonts, colour pallet, technical information (maps and charts) and illustrations, that feature throughout the print report, including a high level message infographic.

The microsite was developed by Arup Digital using my design assets. We worked together on the UX and gave it the same look and feel as the print report, allowing us to tie all elements together and produce a cohesive campaign.

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